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I specialise in harnessing the power of mental imagery to foster profound, positive changes in my clients' lives. I guide you through structured sessions to vividly visualise your goals and the steps required to achieve them, effectively bridging the gap between aspiration and reality. My coaching methodology goes beyond traditional motivation techniques by embedding deep-seated changes in habits and mindset. 



You have the power to be a success!

Imagine having a superpower where just by picturing something in your mind, you could make it happen. Well, that's what Functional Imagery Training is kind of like. It's not magic, it's well researched and the evidence for effectiveness is compelling. FIT is all about using your imagination in a super focused way to help you reach your goals. Just like you'd lift weights to build muscle, you use FIT to strengthen your ability to reach your goals. It's fun, it's effective, and honestly, it's pretty cool to think you have the power to change your life just by using your imagination.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. Your super power? Your imagination!

A certified coach with a background in occupational health psychology and almost a decade of learning how to help people achieve their goals without impacting their wellbeing.

We all struggle with managing change or challenges or achieving our goals at some point. It may be that old patterns get in our way, or that we just cannot see the wood for the trees.

As founder of Positively Life, I hope that our services will help you, or your team, find the clarity, motivation and confidence that you need to get to where you want to be.

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"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

Made six figures:


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You want to overcome negative self-talk, reduce stress & anxiety and perform at your best! 


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RESET was originally designed by Dr. Ashley Kuchar for athletes to develop skills that foster resilience, rather than rely on harsh criticism or avoidance.  The tools and skills within the programme are however suitable for any individuals or teams who would like to cope with challenges or setbacks in a way that reduces stress and anxiety. Research shows that RESET improves coping abilities, wellbeing and performance. I deliver RESET as a 5-week programme before we launch into Functional Imagery Coaching or as a 6-week stand-alone course.

RESET is a resilience training programme for individuals or teams who want to 'bounce forward'.


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Functional Imagery Training

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FIT empowers you to vividly picture your aspirations, reinforcing your commitment and motivation. Whether you're striving for health improvements, career advancement, or personal development, FIT offers a structured path to transform your visions into reality. Experience the transformative power of your mind with expert-led sessions and start your journey towards living life how you want to live it, today.

FIT is a cutting-edge, evidence-based approach designed to help you harness the power of your imagination to achieve personal and professional goals.


You want to try something that has been 5 x more effective than other coaching methods! 

In a study with professional football players, it was found that while two imagery techniques (PETTLEP and FIT) improved penalty performance after one week, only the FIT group maintained their enhanced performance after 15 weeks, demonstrating FIT's long-term effectiveness in boosting sports performance.

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Penalty Success in Professional Football


In another study, FIT significantly reduced snacking behaviours in participants aiming for weight loss or snack reduction compared to the control group. Increased motivational thoughts about reducing snacking, correlated with snacking reduction and weight loss.

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A novel way to reduce snacking


Functional Imagery Training (FIT) significantly enhances weight loss compared to Motivational Interviewing (MI). After six months, the FIT group lost significantly more weight and waist circumference than the MI group, with sustained and increased differences at 12 months.

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FIT was 5x more effective than other methods alone

Weight Loss

A Small Selection of Evidence

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