Resilience helps individuals and teams to adapt and overcome life's inevitable change and challenges. It's not just about bouncing back from difficult situations, but about growing and emerging stronger from these experiences. Whether it’s personal setbacks, professional obstacles, or a sporting crisis, resilient people can adapt and 'bounce forward' more effectively. This ability to cope and recover from adversity ensures that setbacks don’t become permanent barriers.

At Positively Life, we are delighted to be certified to deliver the RESET resilience programme. Designed by Dr. Ashley Kuchar for athletes to develop skills that foster resilience rather than a reliance on harsh criticism or avoidance, we have also adapted the programme for use in organisations who want to build resilient teams.

Resilience Training 

if you are an individual or team who is interested in the programme please get in touch to have a chat about your needs

RESET Outcomes 

Improved perceived performance

reduced stress, anxiety & Depression

Increased self-compassion

Less self-criticism

Click here if would you like to learn more about the development of the RESET programme and the research supporting it.

How It Works

Book a 30 minute introductory call to have a chat about the programme and how it might work for you.

introductory call

RESET is delivered in 2 half day sessions or 6 hourly sessions, whichever works best for you or your team.


After RESET you can Use the tools & skills you have developed or begin your Functional Imagery Coaching journey.


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If you are looking for a way to build resilience, consider booking an introductory call. This session is a fantastic opportunity to explore the content of each module and how RESET can help you or your team.  Let's discuss how we can work together to develop the skills needed to not only bounce back from setbacks but to bounce forward, leveraging challenges as opportunities for growth.

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