Functional Imagery Coaching is another name for Functional Imagery Training (FIT), which is a unique coaching approach that combines guided imagery and strategic visualisation to help you focus on your goals. By vividly picturing your desired outcomes within a coaching framework, you can strengthen your commitment and motivation, making it easier to overcome obstacles and stay on track. FIT is designed to help you create a clear, detailed vision of your future success and develop a practical plan to achieve it.

You control the agenda based on what is your most important area of focus. Coaching sessions are a judgment free space, you will be listened to, motivated, and encouraged as you explore the options that will help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.  

About Functional Imagery Coaching? 



Personal growth & wellbeing

health & fitness 

Is Coaching For Me?

We work with a range of clients from leaders & managers and sports professionals, to employees who want to work on their health & wellbeing. Roz is a highly credible coach, with a calm, almost therapeutic presence, but who will also challenge your thinking to get you to those elusive 'ah-ha' moments.

Functional Imagery Coaching is great for:


how much?

Whatever your goal or challenge, you will initially sign up for 4 weekly sessions. Booster sessions are available after this if required.

Investment: £525 for 4 x sessions
£75 per 30 minute booster session

+ expenses if face to face

What are the benefits?

enhanced motivation & goal clarity

By creating a vivid, detailed picture of your desired outcomes, you reinforce your commitment and drive to achieve them.

improved focus

Clear imagery helps you stay focused on what truly matters, minimising distractions.

greater resilience 

Develop a stronger mindset to overcome challenges and setbacks.

In a study with professional football players, it was found that while two imagery techniques (PETTLEP and FIT) improved penalty performance after one week, only the FIT group maintained their enhanced performance after 15 weeks, demonstrating FIT's long-term effectiveness in boosting sports performance.

Read the research

Penalty Success in Professional Football


In another study, FIT significantly reduced snacking behaviours in participants aiming for weight loss or snack reduction compared to the control group. Increased motivational thoughts about reducing snacking, correlated with snacking reduction and weight loss.

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A novel way to reduce snacking


Functional Imagery Training (FIT) significantly enhances weight loss compared to Motivational Interviewing (MI). After six months, the FIT group lost significantly more weight and waist circumference than the MI group, with sustained and increased differences at 12 months.

Read the research

FIT was 5x more effective than other methods alone

Weight Loss

A Small Selection of Evidence

How It Works

Your optional 30 minute initial consultation gives you a chance to find out if Functional Imagery Coaching is for you and if you would like to work with Roz.

initial consultation

Your sessions will explore where you are now along with your goal or challenge. You will identify options, put in concrete action steps and practice run potential obstacles.

Your sessions

Functional Imagery Coaching is highly effective, but if you do need a boost to address a new challenge, these sessions are for you.


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If you would like to learn more about Functional Imagery Coaching for you or your team, you can contact us or book a 30-minute FREE introductory call with Roz below.

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